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After the success of PokeWonderTrade.com, the original creator (TheIronDeveloper) decided to build a new webapp that aggregates user submitted wonder trades.

If you have any feedback, or would like to help out yourself, send me a message on reddit! :)

The backbone of this site are the contributors, many of which came from the /r/WonderTrade subreddit.
Without the help if these contributors, the site would not be nearly as useful!

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Developing this App

Tyler Stark (TheIronDeveloper)

Tyler built out this webapp using primarily Node.js and HighCharts.js.

Credit for the background goes to Teej/Tophat

Some of the data on this site (hiddenAbilities) were generated from Veekun's magical world of data.

Also the /r/WonderTrade community deserves special recognition. They helped get this project started by contributing valuable data and giving a lot of helpful suggestions on how to make the site better.