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Why was this project made?

I made this project because I love playing Pokemon and I find Wonder Trade data fascinating.

How dependable is this data?

This is a community driven project, so people have the ability to put whatever they want.
With the amount of time, effort, and money I am tossing into this project, I *hope* people don't put fake data.

What happens if you find bad data?

If you find questionable submissions, message me on reddit, and I'll investigate further.

Is my password secure?

Yes, all user registrations are hashed. No plaintext passwords are stored.

Where do I share cool things I find here?

Cool! You looked through the data and found some nifty stuff. Maybe you find it neat that over 20% of the Froakies received had hidden abilities. Operation Zubat storm (Dec 4) and December 7th Starter Release may be provide some interesting stats as well.

Feel free to share your findings on the WonderTrade Subreddit as well!

Is there a way to submit in bulk?

I have built the feature, however I am keeping it closed to the public for now. Send me a message on reddit and we can talk.

I have more questions...

And I have answers! :) Feel free to message me on reddit.